3 Reasons to Volunteer This Holiday Season

When the busyness of the holiday season comes around, it can be easy to get pulled into the “hurry up!” that it brings. From checking things off our to-do lists, prepping for the holidays and attending parties, we can lose sight of what’s important: spending time and creating memories with those

Published on Nov 07 09 : 00 AM

Mindfulness of Phenomena

We’ve covered the first three Foundations of Mindfulness: body, feelings, and mind. That leaves Mindfulness of Phenomena, the fourth and final Foundation of Mindfulness. The first three involve investigating within ourselves. Investigating phenomena asks us to shift our focus to the world around us.

Published on Oct 31 09 : 00 AM

Vipassana: Mindfulness of Body and Feelings

As the frenetic energy of summer quietly fades, temperatures drop, and days shorten, it feels natural to turn inwards. Here at Namchak, we are turning our attention to Vipassana or special insight meditation for the month of October.

Published on Oct 25 09 : 00 AM

Let Your Mind Wander

Lama Tsomo helps us understand what to do with our wandering “puppy” minds while meditating, but what about the mind-wandering that occurs in our everyday lives? 

Published on Oct 24 09 : 00 AM

Mindfulness of Mind? Yes, it’s a thing!

Mindfulness of Mind sounds like a funny phrase, doesn’t it? As we dive into the Four Foundations of Mindfulness this month, we look at the third foundation, which is Mindfulness of Mind or Consciousness. Previously we talked about the first two foundations, Mindfulness of Body and Feelings. Now we

Published on Oct 17 09 : 00 AM

The Everyday Difference

Despite our efforts to keep life manageable, the world is overwhelming. The issues we deal with in our personal lives – health, relationships, work – are further compounded by those affecting the global community. War, poverty, injustice, and environmental degradation loom large in our immediate

Published on Oct 03 09 : 00 AM

Trying Something New? Try Bite-sized Pieces

When Lama Tsomo was asked how she tackled the prodigious task of learning Tibetan, she had this to say. (The parallel to starting a meditation practice may surprise you!)  

Published on Sep 26 09 : 00 AM

Nine Meditation Retreat Myths

With so many retreats out there, deciding which one to attend can be tough. You can go to a retreat for meditation, writing, yoga, running, and more. You could probably even find one retreat to do all of those in one week. Everyone’s schedules seem only to get busier, so it’s important to make the

Published on Sep 26 09 : 00 AM

Three Keys to a Daily Practice

The following is an excerpt from Lama Tsomo’s book, Why is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?

Published on Sep 12 09 : 00 AM

Clearing the Stale Energies

This practice may be easiest to understand by watching first. Start by watching this video. Then you can practice on your own or with Lama Tsomo’s guidance. 

Published on Sep 05 09 : 00 AM