Trying Something New? Try Bite-sized Pieces

When Lama Tsomo was asked how she tackled the prodigious task of learning Tibetan, she had this to say. (The parallel to starting a meditation practice may surprise you!)  

Published on Sep 26 09 : 00 AM

Nine Meditation Retreat Myths

With so many retreats out there, deciding which one to attend can be tough. You can go to a retreat for meditation, writing, yoga, running, and more. You could probably even find one retreat to do all of those in one week. Everyone’s schedules seem only to get busier, so it’s important to make the

Published on Sep 26 09 : 00 AM

Three Keys to a Daily Practice

The following is an excerpt from Lama Tsomo’s book, Why is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?

Published on Sep 12 09 : 00 AM

Clearing the Stale Energies

This practice may be easiest to understand by watching first. Start by watching this video. Then you can practice on your own or with Lama Tsomo’s guidance. 

Published on Sep 05 09 : 00 AM

Recharge Your Health Habits

It’s time to recharge those goals that we’ve let slip since January. Whether your goal was to eat cleaner, bike to work daily, or get eight hours sleep every night, it’s time to get back to it.

Published on Aug 29 09 : 00 AM

The Way Home: The Eightfold Path

The following is an except from Lama Tsomo’s book, Why is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?

Published on Aug 22 09 : 00 AM

What Does “Clearing the Lens” Mean?

This piece is part of a series meant to give readers an inside view of the Clearing the Lens Retreat that was held in June . Participants cultivated awareness within themselves while engaging with others to deepen sangha and gain tools to live happier and more meaningful lives. 

Published on Aug 15 09 : 00 AM

Three Ways to Build Community

Even though the heat of summer is unrelenting, it won’t be long until there’s a coolness in the air and our schedules take a beat before hurling into autumn. It’s time to step back, reflect, and spend time with those we value most.  

Published on Aug 08 09 : 00 AM

Hello Body, we meet again.

Hello Body, we meet again. 

Published on Aug 01 09 : 00 AM

A Playful Meditation Practice for Everything

Play can lessen the mind chatter and bring us more fully into the present moment. It helps boost our energy and mood. We need to remind ourselves that play is not a luxury, but a necessity that relieves stress and increases overall health. Play can bring fresh insights and perspectives to our

Published on Jul 25 09 : 00 AM