Summer Self-Care: 5 Ways to Fit It In

Once summer hits, it can almost feel like there is no stopping the gnawing feeling that you must take advantage of every moment of the sun, long days, and non-stop socializing while they are here. Making the most of these moments is important, but it should also include time to check in and take of

Published on Aug 09 09 : 00 AM

You are part of something greater.


Published on Aug 09 09 : 00 AM

Meditation 101

Meditation is simple, it’s just paying attention and seeing what is.

Published on Jul 26 09 : 00 AM

Starting a Learning Circle

Here are a few ideas to help you find fellow adventurers, and to help you all begin and continue the exploration of meditation practice together.

Published on Jul 19 09 : 00 AM