The Importance of a Path

There are many different ways to meditate and different styles of meditation. Many of these meditations are found in different spiritual traditions. Two important teachings in the Namchak lineage are Shamata or Calm Abiding Meditation, a practice that brings your mind to relaxation in order to make

Published on Oct 22 09 : 00 AM

The Three Poisons

Unfortunately, the Three Poisons we discuss often in Buddhism do not come with attention-grabbing labels. They tend to sneak into our lives and cause suffering until we gain an awareness of them. Though not always pleasant, gaining that awareness and learning to work with them is necessary for

Published on Oct 15 03 : 46 PM

10 Journal Prompts for Introspection & Self-Awareness

Have you ever journaled or wanted to add that to your meditation practice but didn’t know how to get started? Journaling is a great way to record your thoughts, relieve stress, and self-reflect. Grab a cup of hot tea, your favorite blanket, and settle in as we give you some easy prompts to get you

Published on Oct 08 09 : 00 AM

Shamata: Tibetan Style

Like the rest of the world, we’ve shifted the way we do things in order to navigate the ever-changing COVID-19 crisis. When physical distancing became the norm to keep us all safe, we started brainstorming how best to support our community during these new times. We shifted our retreats online and

Published on Oct 01 11 : 51 AM

4 Guided Meditations to Invigorate Your Practice

Published on Sep 24 09 : 00 AM

When We Heal Ourselves, We Can Heal Others

Last week on Awakin Calls, Jacques Verduin, an expert in prison rehabilitation and Founding Director and Minister of Transformation of Insight-Out and Founder of its GRIP (Guiding Rage into Power) Program, and Lama Tsomo discussed how we can free ourselves from prisons of our own making. Their

Published on Sep 17 04 : 19 PM

3 Reasons To Do A Self-Directed Retreat

The need or desire to stay connected to what’s happening right now, to soak in all the information we can to make informed decisions, and to make sure we stay active in the world can cause us to feel burned out emotionally and mentally. While it can leave us feeling selfish, one of the best things

Published on Sep 10 09 : 17 AM

A Note of Encouragement for Parents

Back to school is often a frenzied time for families with children in school. Back to school looks a little different this year. For a lot of us, the normal excitement has been replaced with tough decision making and anxiety. How we wish we could provide a blanket solution for all parents juggling

Published on Sep 03 07 : 35 PM

A Collection of Walking Meditation Suggestions

Lama Tsomo and Khen Rinpoche describe mindfulness simply as remembering what we are doing. How often are we walking through life without paying attention to the fact that we are walking or taking in the sights around us? Often it seems that we are moving too fast to notice what we are doing. For

Published on Aug 27 02 : 14 PM

Our August Book Recommendations

Whether you’re looking for your next camping trip read or preparing your “to-be-read” pile for fall, here are three of Lama Tsomo’s most recent book recommendations.

Published on Aug 20 09 : 00 AM